Irvine LIGHTS began with three goals in mind. First, we wanted to make learning better and easier for kids. As high schoolers ourselves, we could easily think of ways we can contribute and help make difficult concepts simpler. With the joint efforts of multiple schools and after-school programs, we formulated the Infinity project. Second, we wanted people to feel empowered to make a difference and make changes in their community. There is a lot of ideas that high schoolers have that could potentially change the world someday and we found Irvine LIGHTS as the perfect opportunity to give a platform for those students and ideas. That's how the Beyond project came about. Lastly, we wanted to spark collaboration. It wasn't enough to make this a club at just one school. This needed to be a way for people passionate about a topic to express themselves. Through diligent advertising and different marketing strategies, we were able to get the attention of hundreds of students in our community. That's why we pushed out: Irvine LIGHTS chapters. Bring the fun to your school!

Location: Irvine, CA, USA
Target Audiences: Everyone
Causes: Education
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